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Yeah, I feel great about this— I’m already happier. Thinking about what has kept me from taking this step until now, I can only arrive at the conclusion that it was this whole logic of, “Oh, but how will I stay in touch with such and such people?”

Truth is, I haven’t been using Facebook a whole lot these last couple of months. My logins had dwindled to about twice a month, and when I did “check-in,” I never felt like I had missed out on much. I played a slow game, proving to myself that I really didn’t need this model of social decay in my life (despite my pavlovian desire to check my feed five or six times a day.)

I’ve embraced the actuality that the people I want to stay in contact with, my close friends and family, have my number and my email; they can get a hold of me if they want or need to. The ones I was kidding myself about wanting to stay in touch with? Eh…I wouldn’t really describe my relationship with those people as anything like an actual friendship— I think it was more akin to us all having a mutual and benign disinterest in each other’s lives.

I’d deceived myself about the nature of my relationships with some people. I mixed casual acquaintances with social media and a healthy dash of FOMO, and subsequently misconstrued those people as “friends” (after all, that’s what FB calls them, right?) As a result, I had talked myself away from the brink of leaving many times, even after all of the stupid privacy BS that happened with Cambridge Analytica. I hung on.

(As an aside— I think we all knew that sort of thing was happening on one level or another 🙈🙉🙊)

But, now that I’ve begun my descent into the rabbit hole that Jean Baudrillard burrowed, I got the push I needed….I definitely want no part of the world Lord Zuckerberg is creating around us.

Join me on the other side.



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