Things have happened since I last put anything on this page…lots of things.

First and foremost: I finally got accepted into a graduate school.


Huzzah! The hard work, the sleep-deprived nights and the constant wear-and-tear of the grind of daily tedium yielded results. So, naturally, I’ve since relocated to be closer to school since the last time I wrote anything for the Interwebs.

I got to toss out that giant pile of GRE books. That was satisfying as fuck…although I will confess that I kept book 7 (Reading Comprehension & Essays.) It has some great general points on argumentative writing that one would do well not to forget. It may yet serve a purpose as a crash-course primer on dissecting arguments and constructing counter-arguments.

That has it’s own big pile of WOW that goes along with it, the hassle of picking my whole life and putting it down somewhere else has been rather staggering. It’s just like pulling a plant out of one pot and putting it in the next: although ultimately it’s not such a big move, and you know the plant will be okay, they throw a little fit; they get all wilt-y and lay on the ground like an emo teenager. After all, you’ve been tugging on their roots, goddamnit!

…and how my roots have been tugged. Ultimately, I know everything will work out, but the build-up and come-down from the whole process is insanely taxing— How many different ways can I say that this has been stressful? It was….*ahem* draining, exhausting, difficult, worrisome, tough, demanding, exacting, arduous, tough, onerous, enervating, wearing

But here I am, on the other side: healthy, alive, whole, and free…putting all the pieces back together again.

Ol' Humpty Dumpty...the feels.



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