Making Treasured Memories

When you do something, you should burn yourself completely, like a good bonfire, leaving no trace of yourself.

~ Shunryu Suzuki

The other day, I had a thought. It wasn’t necessarily a novel thought, and perhaps not as profound as others, but it’s been echoing in my mind:

I never know which memories are going to be the ones I treasure most fondly. I most certainly don’t think about it while I’m making them. Sometimes, when I look back on a time in my life with nostalgia, I wish that I had lived those moments more fully, and appreciated them for what they were at the time.

Memories are good. They are always there, some fuzzier than others; the ones that I love the most though, I wish I’d had a clearer lens to capture them with.

Constantly living in the past or future-tripping is not necessarily the best for my mental, emotional, and spiritual health. I want to be in the present as much as I can going forward. When I do this, I clear away the dust of the past/future from my lens and see with open eyes what’s happening before me. Then, when I inevitably choose to look backward, I can know with a sound mind and heart that I saw these moments clearly, and lived them fully.

You never know which memories will be your favorites. So create better, fuller, more rich memories by living in the present with the intention of taking full advantage of what’s before you.

That’s all.

Did you really read this far?..or did you drift off to some far-away moment?

1 thought on “Making Treasured Memories

  1. I feel that too! I mean I am sometimes so amazed at the odd things I tend to remember. Though I am not sure if I could capture them in any better way. The most amazing thing about those memories is that while I was making them I was so blissfully unaware that not only it would be embedded in my heart forever but also that it would gain so much importance over time. This does give me inspiration to look at even the most mundane things of present differently, perhaps more respectfully, and I guess that’s what you were trying to say anyway. 🙂


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