First World Problems

I’m bordering on the edge of sheer panic right now. My phone isn’t charging right! It started slowly, gradually: at first, it wouldn’t charge in my car, popping in an out of connection with the adapter. I thought it might’ve been an issue with the aging cord I use (after all, it was still working when I plugged it in at home). Inevitably though, over the last week or so, it has gotten to the point now where it will only charge when I hold the plug a little to the left, with down-pressure, which results in me resting it in the most awkward positions in an attempt to get it to stay connected to the charger. 

This is the sort of crazy I’m dealing with here ☝️

And, of course, trying to get it fixed is a tedious process because it’s hard to find time when you’re working a 9-5 to slip in a repair appointment…and then there’s the worry about, “what if they take my phone…even for a day? Hell, even for an hour?”

I’ve become attached to my phone. It’s my lifeblood connection to the Net. It has me in its grasp because I always have it within mine. Our phones have absolutely become extensions of ourselves. They’re little computers that remember things we can’t, tell us where to go, when to show up, how to do this and that…and life in the post-post-modern age’s flow of absurdity is hardly possible without one.

My OCD flares up so badly at the idea of keeping my batteries charged. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m just naturally the kind of person who wants things topped-off, or if the anxiety about running out of juice and losing some electronic functionality for a day has driven me there. It’s kind of a chicken or an egg sort of thing.

That being said, my thoughts today drifted toward me taking a little mental inventory about how many batteries I have to charge to keep my daily routine going:

– Computer (my home workstation, to coordinate my networked ecosystem)
– Tablet (my workstation away from my workstation)
– Phone (my cyberbrain, my constant companion)
– Watch (to keep me on time and track all my movement 😳)
– Bluetooth speaker (for tunes at work)
– Bluetooth headphones (for when I don’t wanna share my tunes)
– Camera (for when the cyberbrain just won’t do)
– E-Cig (which fuels both my addiction to nicotine and my addiction to electricity)
– Power Bank (just in case!)

These are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. Every night before I go to bed, I make sure to have all of these lovelies plugged in and ready for the popomo challenges that lie ahead of me.

Can someone please just invent a better battery already?

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