The Late Night TV Landscape

I’m so curious about how the Late Night TV landscape here in the U.S. has evolved since it began in the 50s. Think I’ll do some poking around here and see what emerges.

I’m curious to see how hosts get to where they are, how ‘lines of succession’ pan-out. It seems as though it can be an aggressive and, at times, cut-throat business to reach a seat behind a desk at an 11:30pm slot.

How the hell did Jimmy Fallon come to inherit Johnny Carson’s crown?
How long will he last? Who will be next?
Is it possible to get an idea of which direction the late-night field will shift in the coming years? How will this effect the narratives surrounding satire and the discussion of politics in the public’s eye in years to come? What do the ratings-battles look like over time?

Let’s get some stats, numbers, data, etc. in here and take a gander!

A little bit of research and analysis in this area could be fruitful, it not amusing 🙃

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